Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Internship is the phase of learning, gaining, and acquiring many different skills. Dopravo's Internship Program is designed to prepare the candidates to become more effective, confident and efficient in their jobs. It aims to provide them with a real life experience that hones their skills and maximize their knowledge by doing various problem solving activities and by working on real projects. Dopravo teams understand the impact of such experience and believe in the efforts and contributions that such talents can put in. Thus, we establish clear expectations and openness between interns, supervisors, sponsors and teams, and we keep up to date with their progress and learning curve. Our internship program lasts 7 months (at least) benefiting the interns on the personal and professional levels to expand their horizons, and to raise awareness about their designated career path.


- UX Research

- UI Design

- Graphic Design

- Project Management

- Accounting


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